Grand Homecoming '23: A Journey Through Time and Memories at XIMB

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Jan 25, 2024

In a setting replete with memories 25 years old, the Grand Homecoming '23 (GHC) for the Class of '98 recreated the appeal of XIMB of yore. A sequence of events nicely put together by the Alumni Committee evoked nostalgia for a time when the culverts held open secrets, when the window sills provided cozy comfort to watch the most gorgeous of sunsets, when the steps leading to the mess were a breathing space for forging everlasting friendships, when the mess itself served meals that we detested then but recall fondly now, when the computer center was the initiation to the WWW for many, when the surprise quizzes were our biggest fear, the 'X' hadn't been prefixed in 'X-cafe' yet, but the egg-chicken rolls were the most delicious (and remain so), when the Dean's vintage car meandered along the road in front of the hostels at a pace so much in contrast with the rush to meet submission deadlines and yet so reminiscent of the unhurried pace of life back then, when the "walks" (at least for some) were as unhurried but always too short, and when we had the lively presence of three of our batchmates who are sadly no more. 


The students organized the event to help us relive our campus days. The college gave them the leeway (and the budget) to plan and execute. And they did one heck of a job. The GHC '23 was organized from the heart and it struck a chord among our batchmates. Those that made it to campus revelled in the reunion, meeting many for the first time in 25 years. Those that missed, will always carry a tinge of regret. (So, don't.)


Just like those walks, the event was very short. But, also just like the meals in the cafe that never really ended even when the plates were cleared away, the emotions were still running strong days after the reunion was over! I suspect they will, every time we think of our alma mater.


We've come a long way since then. But as the tagline went on one of t-shirts we spotted on campus, we will always be: "Then, Now & Forever XIMB"


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