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Category: Agricultural Products and Food Supply Chain


calendar_month Batch: 2017 - 2019 : RM

Tiril partners with Farmer/producer groups, small and micro processors, traders and aggregators to standardize spices and grains for end consumers. The products are sold through Tiril’s proprietary market platforms like and Horeka mobile app (under final development). Tiril is a B2C consumer facing product brand and online platform and Horeka is B2B supplies planform for hotels and restaurants. delivers across India whereas Horeka is operational in Bhubaneswar only as of date.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightMillets, Spices and other packaged food items

arrow_circle_rightCurated supplies services to Horeca segment business owners

Category: Alumni Engagement Platform

Alumnetworks Pvt. Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 1988 - 1990 : BM

AlumNetworks is a startup formed with the vision of helping educational institutions grow, leverage and unlock value of their alumni networks, so as to be able to generate and impart knowledge of the highest quality. Years of participation in alumni activities have helped us in understanding the pain points in institute-alumni relations. What was apparent was the huge potential of alumni networks that is largely untapped. The main cause for this is the lack of alumni engagement by institutes, as it requires major investement to execute properly.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightAlumni engagement platform

Category: Consultancy

Easy Consultants

calendar_month Batch: 2005 - 2008 : PGDM

Help In Every Aspect In The Marketing And Sales Besides Procurement Of Horeca Equipments And Products In Indian Subcontinent Countries

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightCommercial Kitchen Equipment

arrow_circle_rightImport Of Commercial Kitchen Equipments

arrow_circle_rightExport Of Horeca Related Products And Equipment

Category: EdTech / FinTech


calendar_month Batch: 1992 - 1994 : BM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightFinancial Literacy and Entrepreneurship education Available at India

Category: Enterprise Account Receivables Management

Tanserv Business Process

calendar_month Batch: 1994 - 1996 : PGDM

TanServ is an account receivable services and management company offering services in the B2B space for the last 12 years. We also offer a state of the art technology platform for companies to manage their AR.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightEnterprise Account Receivables Management

arrow_circle_rightAR management technology platform

Category: Financial Services

Arthan Finance

person Pravash Dash
calendar_month Batch: 2003 - 2005 : BM

Over the years, Arthan Finance has scrutinized the credit aspects for the MSMEs and developed a deep understanding of the micro market. Through our advanced data analytics, superior tech platform and AI & ML based algorithms, we have always kept up with the changing trends of the market to provide reliability to our clients. At Arthan Finance, we are determined to tie the ends of smooth credit/loan availability and budding entrepreneurial market dreams. With our hassle-free loan processes and bespoke products catering, the MSMEs can quickly meet their fundamental financial needs and help them grow their businesses. We eliminate the hurdles in accessing the needed credit due to a lack of documentation for micro-businesses or those pertaining to the lower end of the financial spectrum. Our informal credit assessment systems have been designed keeping in mind the local requirements and easement of the retailers and MSMEs clients. Arthan Finance is seamlessly resolved to find the exact solutions for the needs of our clients. We provide the right working capital needed almost instantly to bolster a business and create a legacy.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightWorking Capital Loans to Small Businesses

arrow_circle_rightInvoice Discounting for quick liquidity

Category: Fintech

Upkram Technologies Pvt Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 2010 - 2012 : BM

We at Credin are building the Most Inclusive & Omnichannel Lending Fintech Platform for Bharat. Our focus is Tier-2 and smaller towns/villages and helping the underbanked segment with the timely and affordable credit. We have built the end to end digital journey for credit (Unsecured & Secured) products. We are the only Digital Platform in India to digitise the Micro-LAP (Loan Against Property) products from origination to collections. We have built full stack lending platform with propriety AI/ML algorithms to underwrite the informal segment. On supply side we empower the regulated entities (Banks/NBFC) with sourcing, underwriting, risk assessment, process reengineering, digitization & collection management and on demand side we roll out segment specific products as per the need/requirements of the borrowers. Our Mission is to reach out to the last mile credit worthy customer with the help of tech enable distributio

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightDairy Loan

arrow_circle_rightLoan Against Property

arrow_circle_rightBusiness Loan

Category: Home Decor and Furnishings

Pisarto Online Art Gallery Pvt. Ltd.

person Pinaki Gupta
calendar_month Batch: 1995 - 1997 : BM

Pisarto is a home décor & lifestyle brand bringing curated art, home decor, home utilities and lifestyle products. We like to be labelled as a lifestyle company. Every individual or family holds a common aspiration in their hearts: to have a home that radiates beauty, comfort, and personal expression. Creating a beautiful home involves careful consideration of various elements such as architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, and even the intangible essence of ambiance and energy. Through Pisarto we want to help families fulfil their aspirations of a beautiful home. The company promotes artistically designed products that touch different aspects of our day-to-day life. Pisarto has taken the curated marketplace approach. We are a marketplace and are very selective on who all are onboarded. The platform offers an opportunity to talented artists & entrepreneurs to showcase their products and reach out to a wider audience beyond their local markets. Our aim is to popularize localized artforms and give them a larger platform. Our products are curated not only from a quality perspective but also looked at in terms of originality and creativity. We don’t look at our catalogue as mere home decoration products instead as lifestyle enhancers. The underlying theme being artistically designed products. Products that align to our artistic vision and values only find a place on our platform. We have products across categories like Home Décor, Wall Décor, Table Décor, Lighting, Tableware, Kitchen & Dining, Home Utilities & Storage, Furnishings and Fashion accessories. Currently, Pisarto has more than 3500 SKUs and targets to have 5000 SKUs by the end of the next quarter. Pisarto believes the differentiation will come from two aspects – The product range and the uniqueness & artistic nature of the products. Our larger goal is to be a significant and trusted player in the fast-growing home décor market. We believe this will be one of the key factors that will make Pisarto stand out from the crowd. It also recognizes that the market is large, certainly large enough that there need not be one winner-takes-all. Pisarto believes there is no substitute for customer stickiness in building enduring loyalty.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightHome Decor

arrow_circle_rightKitchen & Home Utilities

arrow_circle_rightHandmade Paintings

arrow_circle_rightLifestyle Products

Category: Home Textiles

Ecotasar Silk P Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 1988 - 1990 : BM

Sustainably produced textiles involving small producers in our supply chain to enable them to avoid migration in search of wage opportunity. We make silk home furnishings, sarees and fabric by yard. Ours is a yarn to fashion integrated operations. More than 1200 women make yarn for us which we weave on handlooms and supply to brands like Fabindia, Taneira, Good Earth, Nalli’s, Partha’s etc in India and Anthropologie, West Elm, Restoration Hardware etc

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightHome Textiles

arrow_circle_rightOff the loom products like Sarees and other fashion accessories

arrow_circle_rightFabric by the yard

Category: IT

Serverdial Techserv Pvt Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 2013 - 2015 : RM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightIt consultanting, CRM and ERP implementation, application development, cloud server, Automtion

Category: IT Serivces

Ooru Digital

person Rounak Nayak
calendar_month Batch: 2016 - 2018 : BM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightSaaS solution

Category: IT Services

Ro One Itds

calendar_month Batch: 2017 - 2019 : BM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightServices Available at Global

Category: Remote fuel consumption analysis solutions

Orangecells Lab

person Rahul Gadhyan
calendar_month Batch: 2007 - 2009 : BM

We help businesses save money by monitoring fuel consumption patterns in any diesel/petrol consuming unit such as trucks, hyvas, diesel generators, diesel kilns, machineries like loaders, poclains, dozers, etc. Our solutions identify and report unexpected drains from fuel tanks as well as help verify the volume of fuel fills as claimed by vehicle / machinery operators.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightRemote fuel consumption analysis solutions

Category: Strategic Brand Management

One Verse

person Jaidev Mishra
calendar_month Batch: 1988 - 1990 : BM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightGo to strategy for brands

arrow_circle_rightAdvertising and Market Communications

arrow_circle_rightOrganisational Purpose Development

Category: Technology-driven Repair Services


calendar_month Batch: 2012 - 2014 : BM

One800 is an online marketplace for customers looking to repair mobile phones and smartwatches. One can instantly check out prices on our website and book a repair. With 30mins express pickup from doorstep, live repair tracking with photos and same day delivery, One800 provides convenience, trust and transparency through technology. We have partnered with over 30 service centres in Bangalore and have served over 5,000 customers in the six months since we started operations.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightOnline platform for electronics repair in Bangalore

Category: Telematics Solutions

Itrade Telematics Pvt Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 2000 - 2002 : BM

We are heavy commercial fleet solution provider to help manage various operational risk parameters covering 10000+ heavy vehicles across companies like L&T etc.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightDiesel/ emission monitoring solution for commercial fleet

arrow_circle_rightVideo Telematics

arrow_circle_rightTyre Pressure monitoring solution

arrow_circle_rightAIS 140

Category: Uncategorised


person Rameez Ghous
calendar_month Batch: 2011 - 2013 : BM

The leading data management cloud provider as per Forrester, IDC etc.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightIntelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC)

arrow_circle_rightCustomer 360

arrow_circle_rightCloud Data Integration

arrow_circle_rightCloud Data Governance and Catalog


calendar_month Batch: 2019 - 2021 : BM

Managing India’s next set of K-12 Modern Schools

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightK-12 School Education

Beyond & More Designs Pvt Ltd

calendar_month Batch: 2002 - 2004 : BM

Beyond & More is focussed on curation of high end furniture and interior products sourced from Europe. B&M is headquartered in Mumbai, with a showroom displaying the furniture from our exclusive brands. Our furniture curation is derived from 800+ highest ranking furniture brands from across Europe and USA. We are well experienced in taking up Villa or apartment fixed and loose furniture, lighting and accessories, including the brands experience at the respective manufacturer factory / showroom in Europe. We have wide ranging expertise in loose furniture for social-collaborative areas, executive floor, technical products like acoustic panelling, silent rooms, retractable monitors for offices and commercial spaces.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightLuxury furniture and interior products for residential interiors

arrow_circle_rightHigh end furniture and interior products for offices and commercial spaces

arrow_circle_rightAcoustic products and solutions for offices and commercial interiors

arrow_circle_rightDecorative lighting, rugs and decor accessories for residential interiors

Category: Wealth Management

Ime Capital

person Ashi Anand
calendar_month Batch: 2000 - 2002 : BM

IME Capital is a boutique research-first investments firm, that combines the DNA, ethos and personal attention of a boutique firm combined with institutional practices and research methodologies of a global asset management firm.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightWealth Management

arrow_circle_rightAsset Management (PMS)